Partner Shun Sato

Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2005)

Location : Osaka Office and Tokyo Office

Major Cases Handled

Corporate Reorganization of the following:
- Real-estate developer (as Deputy Trustee)
- Golf course operator (as Depute Trustee)
Civil Rehabilitation of the following:
- Apparel manufacturer (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Real estate investment company (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Condominiums developer (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Logistics company (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Golf course operator (as Assistant Supervisor)
- Retailer (supermarket) (as Counsel for Petitioner)
Bankruptcy of the following:
- Logistics company (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Building contractor (as Deputy Trustee)
- Kimono (Japanese traditional attire) distributor (as Counsel for Petitioner)
- Building materials manufacturer (as Counsel for Petitioner)
Special Liquidation of the following:
- Building materials manufacturer (as Counsel for Petitioner and Deputy Liquidator)
- Carpet Importer and Distributor (as Counsel for Petitioner and Deputy Liquidator)
- Golf course operator (as Counsel for Petitioner and Deputy Liquidator)
Out-of-Court Arrangement for the Liquidation of the following:
- Hotel with wedding hall
- Pachinko parlor
- Building materials trading company
- Retailer (supermarket)
- Retailer (rice and liquor store)
Commercial Dispute:
- Circular transaction
Pollution Dispute:
- Noise pollution dispute

Education & Professional Experience

Keio University (LL.B.)

Publications Archives

Supreme Court Judgment Ruling that Retention of Ownership Prevails Over a Transfer Security Interest (jyoto tanpo) on Collective Movable Property – Judgment of the Supreme Court on December 7, 2018 (Kinyu Homu Jijyo No. 2106, p. 4)
Impact of Amendments to the Law of Succession on Practices for Business Succession, Debt Management and Collection, etc., and Points to Note Therefor - Part 2
Recent Developments in Insider Trading Regulations and Crisis Management Practices – Commencement of a Crackdown on Encouragement to Commit Insider Trading
The Tokyo High Court Decision on Whether or Not to Include Deductible Expenses of Renounced Credit Amounts of a Subsidiary under Special Liquidation Proceedings for an Individual Settlement Type (Judgment Date: July 26, 2018) (Weekly Tax Communication 2474, p. 10)
Impact of amendments to the law of succession on practices for business succession, debt management and collection, etc., and points to note therefor - Part 1
The Hasan-kanzai Practice (The Trusteeship Practice)
Points to Note on Ordinances Providing an Obligation to Pay Contributions, etc.
New Approach for the Use of Corporate Reorganization Proceedings – The case in which, after having been shifted from a civil rehabilitation case to a bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy trustee filed a petition to commence corporate reorganization proceedings and, under such corporate reorganization proceedings, the trustee successfully formed an agreement with secured creditors and disposed the building built on leased land, including completed parts of construction (concrete basement and the like) thereof
Hasan-kanzai BASIC (The Basics of Trusteeship)
Thesis: Bankruptcy of Beneficiary/Master Lessee in Real Estate Securitization Scheme
Trends in Court Cases and Legal Practices on the System of Approving the Extinguishment of Security Interests in Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings
Bankruptcy of Beneficiary/Master Lessee in Real Estate Securitization Scheme (Vol. 2)
Bankruptcy of Beneficiary/Master Lessee in Real Estate Securitization Scheme (Vol. 1)

Seminars/Lectures Archives

(Other) Seminars/Lectures

“Seminar on the Guidelines for Management Guarantees”
Organizer: Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (from January 2015)

“Lectures on the Act Concerning Special Measures for Pass-On of Consumption Tax”
Organizer: The Small and medium Enterprise Agency (from December 2014)

“Lecture on Improvements in Subcontract Deals”
Organizer: The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (from June 2014)


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