Our lawyers were highly acclaimed in the Nikkei Inc. "Ranking of Lawyers Who Had Outstanding Achievements in 2023."


In the "Lawyers Ranking Voted by Companies 2023" published in the Nikkei newspaper and the Nikkei Online Edition, the following lawyers from our firm were highly acclaimed.

The ranking was based on a survey conducted by the Nikkei newspaper among the legal staff of major companies in Japan with respect to lawyers who had outstanding achievements in 2023.

Ranking selected by companies
General corporate legal affairs】 14th : Hirohiko Ikeda
【M&A, Reorganization】 9th : Teppei Mogi
【Risk Management, Fraud investigation】 7th : Tetsuya Nagasawa
【Business and Human Rights】 10th : Shiro Kuniya
【Chinese Practice】 14th : Ryo Matsumoto

Comprehensive ranking selected by companies & private practice lawyers
General corporate legal affairs】 17th : Hirohiko Ikeda
【Risk Management, Fraud investigation】 15th : Tetsuya Nagasawa
【Business and Human Rights】 12th : Shiro Kuniya

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