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In the past several years since the "Lehman Shock" in 2008, Japanese corporations have been expanding their presence in Asia and other emerging countries in light of the current circumstances where on the one hand, the Japanese domestic market is expected to shrink due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and on the other hand, the markets of emerging countries including those in Asia are rapidly expanding. This trend has remained the same despite the weaker yen resulting from Abenomics. In response to such development of the Japanese economy, it has now become a social mission for us, lawyers, to support Japanese corporations of all sizes in their advancement into Asia and other emerging countries.

Based on our commitment and in light of the growing global needs of Japanese enterprises, our firm has seconded our members to various Asian countries such as Singapore, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Turkey. We have also established an Asia/Emerging Countries Desk, which systematically assembles the experience and know-how of every member of our firm concerning the legal affairs of the relevant countries based on the needs of the client.

What distinguishes our Asia/Emerging Countries Desk is its structure, which consists of various countries or jurisdictions, our unique network of professionals in such countries or jurisdictions, which we have established through our activities over the years in international lawyers' associations, including the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), and a coordinated system of cooperation among the lawyers based on their respective fields of expertise.

Our strength can be clearly demonstrated, in particular, in our expertise in handling large-scale international cases, including dispute resolution, business turnarounds or transfers, and corporate acquisitions/reorganizations. We also have substantial experience in the field of international compliance, which focuses on preventing and taking countermeasures against corrupt practices, which have become a growing concern especially in emerging countries. Further, we have a wealth of experience in supporting small and medium sized enterprises in expanding their business overseas through direct investments, franchise agreements, distributorships, licensing, and other means, and in resolving issues that they encounter in doing business thereat or in their dealings with foreign counterparties.

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