Crisis Management/Compliance

Various laws apply to corporate management, which are frequently being revised. A precise understanding and determination of how to interpret those laws are becoming more and more complicated. Relevant agencies, financial exchanges, investors and so forth are becoming increasingly vocal in asking for higher standards of compliance for corporations. In addition, corporate scandals and the corresponding responses have had critical impact on corporate management.

Our office, which has among its lawyers former public prosecutors, former officers of the Fair Trade Commission, Financial Services Agency, Consumer Affairs Agency and Osaka National Tax Agency, provides wide-ranging practical legal advice based on extensive knowledge and experience not only on individual legal matters, but also in the establishment of compliance systems, risk management (including against shareholder derivative lawsuits, fraudulent accounting, cartel and bid-rigging, risk management of corporate scandals and accidents such as those involving product liability, prevention of those scandals), the establishment of investigation committees and so forth.

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