General Corporate Practice

General Corporate Practice requires abundant experience and know-how not only to analyze legal issues and prepare legal documentation, but also to provide appropriate solutions to satisfy the clients' needs and provide strategic suggestions suitable to existing issues.

Our firm's lawyers, who have wide-ranging experience in offering legal advice and know-how, provide various types of legal services to best meet the clients' needs on actual legal issues that routinely arise, including by not merely analyzing the existing issues, but offering various approaches to resolve problems, anticipating issues that are inherent to new projects and providing solutions to solve them, and introducing strategies for better business performance.

For domestic and in-bound transactions, we provide legal advice on all types of matters relating to typical business contracts (such as master sales agreements, distributorship agreements, out-sourcing agreements, license agreements, and franchise agreements), management of shareholders' meetings and board of directors' meetings, corporate governance, and advice on various other laws and regulations that apply to corporate enterprises, as well as legal advice to foreign clients with respect to Japanese laws and regulations. In addition, we handle any and all legal matters arising from ordinary business activities, including those relating to various types of official registries, notifications to and registration with governmental agencies and bureaus, various procedures relating to the setting up of corporations, legal entities and businesses, establishing articles of incorporation and complying with internal corporate rules, and preparing various kinds of minutes (see also "Corporate Governance/Shareholders Meetings").

For international or out-bound transactions, we provide all kinds of legal services that our clients are expected to require on a regular basis, such as providing legal advice to Japanese companies for their international expansions and foreign direct investments and other cross-border transactions, obtaining business licenses and permits, conducting incorporation procedures, and drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts including international trade agreements. We have an office in Shanghai as well as extensive experience in collaborating with reputable law firms in each of the major jurisdictions worldwide. Utilizing such overseas network, we are able to ensure that we can provide swift and accurate legal services to our clients (See also "Cross-border Insolvency").

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